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Harness Minor Cannabinoids for Springtime Activities & Recovery

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We are excited to announce that The Healing Rose will have a booth at The Boston Outdoor Expo this year. As we get ready for birds to flock north and the grass to be green again, we’ll highlight a handful of our most popular healing and recovery products. Here, we want to cover how CBD and minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC may support your wellbeing this spring. 

Organic Healing from Harsh Springtime’s Elements

If you’ve run in New England, you know that cold springtime air can lead to dry mouths and chapped lips. Lip balm is a must, but chemical additives like parabens or alcohols used in traditional balm can just make chapping worse. Studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol. CBD-infused lip balms take advantage of these anti-inflammatory properties, and may better reduce chapping and moisture retention long term. 

When headed out for your morning run in the Berkshires, on the Cape, or in town, pack our Organic CBD Lip Balm with you wherever you go!

CBG Joint Support & Relaxation for Gardeners

At The Healing Rose, we have green thumbs. We love a morning spent in the garden… but we don’t love the sore knees that come with it. Kneeling for long hours, digging in raised beds, and reaching around thorny plants: It hurts! Both CBD and CBG may help support this type of joint discomfort and inflammation. Minor cannabinoids, the less-abundant but still potent compounds found in hemp and cannabis, can be applied to the skin and may support reducing inflammation and relieve pain. 

The Healing Rose offers several topicals featuring minor cannabinoids, so if you’re planting flowers or flower, recover with Organic Relax & Restore CBG + CBD Roll On Oil. Created to be used on joints, temples, forehead, back of the neck, and pressure points, our Roll On Oils are great for on the go use. Made with only fast absorbing oils, they won’t leave any greasy residue.

Massage Oil & Full-Body Recovery for Hikers

Hiking is an excellent and accessible full-body workout, and when the sun comes up after a long winter, our New England forests and mountains welcome us back to their trails. Those first few outings after an extended winter strain your calves, thighs, back, shoulders, and every other muscle in the body. That’s certainly how it feels, anyway. Cold weather can dig into your hands and joints, and climbing can get to your arms. 

Summit views in the White Mountains come at a cost to the body. That’s why hikers will love to recover with our newly upgraded Lemon Ginger CBD CBG Massage & Body Oil. Our #1 best selling Lemon Ginger Salve is available here as a more effective and full-spectrum topical product perfect for recovery from hiking trips, backpacking, rock climbing, and other full-motion spring sports.

At basecamp, or back in the comfort of your own home, CBD and CBG oil can be applied easily to any sore areas. This allows the cannabinoids to sink into the skin and reach diverse muscle groups. While other delivery methods are useful for pinpointing a specific area, oil is best for full-body healing and broad relaxation. Try it with a massage – you’ll never want to have a massage without cannabinoids again!

Want to learn more about minor cannabinoids and spring wellness? Join us at The Boston Outdoor Expo April 27-28th at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (415 Summer St, Boston, MA) or sign up for our mailing list here.