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Sara Kunz

While being cast for Naked and Afraid, upon hearing my story the man said “Sara, you’re a joyful warrior”. It was the perfect name for the approach to life I’d found, and the state we can all find within ourselves of our deepest joy and strength.

Months later, as I stepped out of the jungles of Trinidad and Tobago after completing my first Naked and Afraid Challenge, I found another surprise. This time, one of my own making.

After over a decade of loving it, I quit my dream job. I swapped entertaining an audience with jokes and tricks for empowering a new community with tools and stories as a keynote speaker. I realized my time in the spotlight was all just a warm up and tool kit to help me empower others- you, in fact. Today I’m a speaker, coach, and getting my Masters Degree to be a Licensed Therapist with a specialization in eco and adventure therapy.

Whether you’re a C-Suite exec or a new parent just tying to hold it together, I know your modern problems don’t need more tech updates and complex rabbit holes of information- they need simple primitive solutions that speak to the human spirit and experience. wW are all fighting invisible battles, and it’s an honor to help you grow through your modern problems through the simple primitive tools I’ve learned and tested in my own journey.

Today you can find me leading retreats and events that teach Wild Wellness and the Joyful Resilience Framework, giving inspirational and actionable keynote speeches, and sharing stories and insights on my YouTube channel.

Life is a trampoline- the further you go down, the further you can fly.