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Sara Burd

I am many things: a woman, a mother, a wife, an artist, an actor, an activist and a social worker. Over the past 40 years I have found myself engaging with nature in countless ways and every single one has been invigorating, restorative, healing and illuminating. Whether is it standing outside for 12 hours on a movie set in frigid New England winter temperatures, or playing with my children in the sun and sand, we are made for the outdoors; the outdoors are made for us!
As a mother and activist, I work with Beautycounter to disrupt the personal care product industry and bring sustainability in packaging, sourcing and remove toxicity from our bodies and the planet. As a mental health provider and advocate I promote the healing, transformative power of the outdoors to increase mental health awareness and break stigma. And as an actor, artist and woman, I find truth, beauty, death, life, challenge and rebirth in the outdoors. I have so many stories to share.