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Rudy Reyes

Rudy is a highly decorated Special Forces operator with experience of leading over 50 patrols behind enemy lines, resulting in several TV series being based on his experiences.

Rudy’s areas of military expertise are in close quarter battle, urban warfare, amphibious raids and reconnaissance, helicopter insertions/extractions, paratrooper and combat diver missions, clandestine sniper missions as well as plain clothes/undercover operations. He’s operated in a multitude of environments, from urban, mountain, and desert.

After leaving the military, Rudy spent time in Africa where he trained wildlife preserve rangers in anti-poaching tactics and later went on to found ‘Force Blue’ a Veteran Non Profit which pairs former Special Operators with Marine Scientists to work rebuilding and restoring coral reefs, saving turtles, and working within the conservation community.

He also competes and trains people for Adventure Racing and Martial Arts.

In 2008, Rudy appeared on the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, a seven-part series based on Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright’s 2004 book of the same name. Rudy plays himself, depicting his time as a member of the lead combat force that entered both Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also has worked on many survival shows, Apocalypse Man and Ultimate Survivor Alaska.

He was also one of the main contributors for multiple BAFTA nominated documentary series Once Upon a Time in Iraq which was also nominated for an Emmy.