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Meg Stewart

Meg Stewart is an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about making the outdoors accessible to all. Meg grew up on the ocean pursuing surfing, sea kayaking, lifeguarding, windsurfing and paddle boarding. It was only in her 20’s that she ventured North toward the mountains when it quickly became apparent to trust that it is never too early or late to start exploring.

Immersing herself into the wilderness she discovered a youthful spark within that craved the depth of the outdoors in a different capacity. The mountains simultaneously mesmerized and fascinated her. They soon became a spirit cure all while the ocean remained a soul elixir. Now at 35, she has become a dedicated hiker and completed several rounds of the NH48 and NE67. She is working on her ADK high peaks, the NEU8 and continues to visit a few National Parks each year.

Meg obtained her MHA and has spent almost two decades in healthcare leadership. During that time, she has dedicated most of her free time focusing on wellness and outdoor education. In her undergrad years she modeled her thesis on reducing plastic use and spent her time in and after college teaching people how to minimize their everyday toxin use in personal care products by familiarizing themselves with ingredients. Meg is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), volunteered on Search and Rescue, Backcountry and Trail Steward, Leave No Trace Certified, Certified Yoga Teacher, DEI and human rights advocate. Meg loves to help people find hidden gem locations and give people the confidence to head into the backcountry with skill and prepare them with what to pack and what to bring to ensure safety while not overpacking. Her mission in healthcare has always been to provide access to care and she feels the same in the backcountry setting with access to the outdoors in a way that is feasible.

On the trails she discovered many in need of help and is always happy to learn from others as well as share her knowledge on how to stay safe in the backcountry and minimize the risk of common backcountry injuries (put those selfie sticks away!). Mental health advocacy remains of paramount importance to Meg as she experienced postpartum depression with her first child and went through a divorce. Hiking has been a walking meditation aiding in alleviating stress, fostering an environment of healing and clarity, and elevating endorphin levels. Exploration isn’t always finding the ‘right path’, and sometimes it means we stumble in the darkness, but choosing your own path and making it uniquely your own is how she embraces each day. Hiking and rhythmic movement allows the senses to show up moving the labyrinth of thoughts in the mind to transform into wisdom, presence, and consciousness in the body.

Meg’s favorite hobbies include ultra-hiking, trail running, cycling, helping children’s groups become assured in their camping and hiking skills while teaching the model of leave no trace, yoga/grounding/breathwork, and paddleboarding. Meg practices Nordic cycles with hot and cold immersion and grounding work as yoga and nature she has found to be the most restorative practices. She is most passionate about spending time with her three little humans and her not so mini goldendoodle (Pemi) who also thinks she is a little human.

The kindness on the trails and the lessons she’s learned have made her enthusiastic about helping humans of all ages feel safe and prepared in the wilderness. Meg is a self-proclaimed map nerd and states she can be just about mediocre at anything with her most useless skill is that of a human pedometer. Her goal will always be to learn more, teach more, spread more kindness, and grow more while staying connected firmly to her roots as the bold oak tree does.

Meg is the owner of The Wander Inn, NH (Instagram @wanderinn.nh) and adores listening to her guests’ desires and helping them find their dream hike or finding a remote spot in the wilderness to enjoy and create a unique lifelong memory during their stay.

Meg Stewart, She/her

MHA, Wilderness First Responder, Certified Yoga Teacher, Leave No Trace Certified, Search and Rescue volunteer, Wellness + Human Advocate, and most importantly, Mama Bear

Owner of @wanderinn.nh