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Andrea Bailey

Andrea’s journey in the human services field began during her teenage years when she
discovered her natural inclination towards supporting and caring for others. As the friend who
always offered a listening ear and a comforting presence, she realized that her passion lay in
helping people navigate through life’s challenges.
Andrea also became increasingly aware of the importance and power of nature and movement
on the mind and body. She has completed numerous Obstacle Course Races, Spartan and
GoRuck Endurance events including the Spartan Agoge. Andrea is a Licensed Mental Health
Counselor, Reiki Master and currently the only Mindfulness Based Ecotherapist in MA. Out of
the experience of the Agoge and Andrea’s formal education, she developed and guides
individuals and groups through the experience of Therapeutic Rucking which takes the
traditional concept of rucking and adds a therapeutic twist.
Andrea is the owner of Evolving Mind and Body, LLC, located in Wilbraham, MA where she also
lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two kittens and six chickens