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Adventure Walking and Snowshoeing

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Step into the world of Adventure Walking and Snowshoeing at The Boston Outdoor Expo!

Have you ever been out for a walk, felt the refreshing feeling of your leg muscles being worked, and wished you could do something as healthy for your arms? Adventure walking with poles is an activity that offers a way to boost the health benefits and overall quality of your walking—whether it’s your daily stroll or an intense weekend hike.

So, what exactly is this walking with poles? What does it look like, and how does one start? Adventure walking aims to achieve a more natural walking rhythm rather than an awkward one. To do this, the poles are medium height and lightweight, making it easy to swing them in an alternating pattern to what your feet are doing. To keep your balance on various surfaces, Nordic walking poles come with various tips: rubberized blocky tips for pavement gripping, metal ferrules for rocky or slippery trails, or large compressible tips for shock absorption.

Visit the Adventure Walking area of the expo and test a pair of poles on our short track and again on the elements we prepared to simulate a trail walk. Adventure walking with poles will provide the stability to navigate anything on the trail or in the urban environment—curbs, no problem; uneven terrain, no problem; roots and rocks, no problem. You will also find demo snowshoes to test out on our simulater snow track.

Speak with our Adventure Walking experts and Certified Personal Trainers to learn the health benefits of walking with poles.

At the booth, you will find:
• Adventure Walking Poles to demo
• Test track to try walking with the poles
• Balance elements to test with the poles
• Registration to take part in a group walk around the convention Center with our certified personal trainer.
• Registration for a kid’s scavenger hunt
• Demo Snowshoes on our simulated snow

Even if you don’t have any complaints about good old-fashioned, pole-free walking, you’ll be surprised by how much walking with poles can add to an excursion. Beyond the better workout—adventure walking engages the entire body—poles can make steep hills and descents more manageable, help you find a natural pace and rhythm, and increase balance and stability on unstable terrain.

We look forward to educating you on the benefits and fun of Adventure Walking and Snowshoeing.