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Rugged Road Outdoors

What’s better than an ultralight cooler?…How about one that FLOATS! Rugged Road offers a line of durable, high-performance coolers that weigh in at less than half the weight of the competition. Not to mention, these ultralight coolers are capable of floating upright while fully loaded with drinks, ice, and whatever else your heart desires (no floaties necessary…these are ‘big-boy’ coolers). The cherry on top is that the small business based out of Atlanta, GA offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

For coolers that boast a multi-day ice retention, the folks at Rugged Road have designed accessories that bring an ease and convenience to using your cooler anywhere, any way. Each ultralight cooler comes equipped with a dry goods basket, sliding divider, and a stainless steel tumbler. Pick up a tie-down kit, latch padlock, or cooler anchor (yes, anchor) for further convenience while using your cooler on-the-go.

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