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Native Fish Coalition

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The Boston Outdoor Expo

Native Fish Coalition is a nonpartisan, apolitical, grassroots, donor-funded, primarily volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of wild native fish.  While many NFC members and supporters are anglers, our focus is not limited to so-called “gamefish.”  It is the belief of NFC that no stream, river, pond or lake is truly healthy or “restored” until its full complement of native flora and fauna is intact and it is devoid of non-native species and hatchery-raised fish.  NFC recognizes that the complete restoration of native species and the removal of nonnative fish is often not attainable, or practical.  It is, however, a starting point and general blueprint for where we can make a difference.  While our mission is absolute, our execution of that mission is pragmatic and based on reality and likelihood of success as much as ideology.

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